Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me about Alford & Hoff's Fragrance
The Alford & Hoff Fragrance was crafted by world-class Perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux of Givaudan. Alford & Hoff Eau de Toilette (EDT) is for the new generation man: a juxtaposition of light and dark, clarity and richness, texture and polish. Alford & Hoff EDT is a modern scent, containing only the finest ingredients, luxurious and fresh on the top, smooth with an ultra-sexy core and deep, rich warm and wood background.
What makes the Alford & Hoff skincare line so unique?
Alford & Hoff is the first luxury men's skin care brand that meets the needs of today's modern man. Alford & Hoff products were developed using Sirtuin-Activating Complex (SIR2stac Complex). Sirtuins are proven to promote cell longevity and revitalize the skin. This complex, the latest anti-aging breakthrough biotechnology, is a unique blend of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals that helps reduce the appearance of fie lines and wrinkles, and promotes cell longevity.
What is the science behind the skincare formula?

Dr. John Gross, noted cosmetic and plastic surgeon, author, lecturer, and Associate Professor at the USC Keck School of Medicine brings his full spectrum of plastic and reconstructive surgery expertise to the Alford & Hoff team.  His research of the SIR2stac Complex has confirmed the antioxidant properties of the Alford & Hoff products and the long term effects on aging skin.  His reputation and medical achievements complement the founders’ medical and entrepreneurial expertise. Together, they bring a new level of performance and luxury to men’s skin care.

Clinically Proven
  • Immediate firming results of up to 60%
  • Significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles up to 76%
  • Significantly moisturizes and improves overall appearance by 85%
What is SIR2stac Complex?

Alford & Hoff’s revolutionary "SIR2stac Complex", is the foundation of all A&H leave on products and is a first for the men’s skin care industry.

This complex was formulated using the science of human longevity research and activates youth proteins (Sirtuins). Sirtuins are naturally occurring protein molecules in the skin and when activated surround and protect the cell promoting the lifespan of that cell by 70%. Results have been both immediate and long term, which is why at Alford & Hoff, we say "Sirtuin to make a difference".

Tell me about the Alford & Hoff team.
Barry Alford

Born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, the youngest of three boys, Barry Alford, a gifted athlete, learned how to compete at a very young age.  His grandfather, and mentor, a pioneer in the oil business, instilled a strong sense of ambition and calculated risk-taking in young Barry. So, it was no surprise that he adapted his grandfather’s drive into a successful college football career at Arizona State University where he was the recipient of the Maroon and Gold Scholar Athlete Award.

While at ASU, Barry established close relationships with many of his teammates, one of which would introduce him to a friend from a medical device company. It was not long after that introduction that Barry was working at this Fortune 500 Company that thrived on science, technology and performance.  Alford quickly reached the top of his game there as the #1 sales person.  Today, he consults with neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons and neurologists on medical products and equipment specializing in the cranio maxillo-facial industry (disease of the face, brain and head).

While researching new approaches for a family member’s neurological-related disease, Barry discovered information about Sirtuins and their ability to prolong cell longevity. He also noted that Sirtuins, known as "youth proteins", were also being researched for skin care products.

As an athlete, Barry had always been concerned about his body’s performance, and that included his skin care.  He contacted Jefferson Hoffman, an ASU teammate who had the same athletically-driven mindset and shared the same interest in quality skin care products for men.

Jefferson Hoffman

Jefferson Hoffman, born and raised in Minnesota, a self-starter always looking for a new challenge, was also a natural athlete, but that wasn’t enough. He taught himself  to play the piano and the saxophone. A perfectionist at an early age, he expected excellence from himself at every level. 

It was when Hoffman moved from the cold Midwest to the dry heat of Arizona and started playing college football that his own skin care needs became of personal interest. Always a master in identifying market opportunities, Jefferson’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish ventures in real estate, software and ultimately founded one of the largest volume trading companies on the West Coast. While maintaining successful private ventures, he had started doing his own research on the cosmetic industry when he received a call from his old friend, Barry Alford.

Together, they recognized the potential to create a new market for men’s luxury skin care and to create a lifestyle brand that was directed to the New Generation of Men who are driven by performance, excellence and success. 

Dr. John Gross

Barry and Jefferson placed a call to Dr John Gross, the famed surgeon who Barry had worked with for over 6 years, and asked him to investigate the application of Sirtuin-activating complexes for men’s skin care.  Gross quickly agreed with their assessment of youth proteins, the application for the cosmetic industry and the opportunities for the male consumer. They formed Alford & Hoff, Inc and began research and development of a full men’s product line based on the Sirtuin-activating complex.

Dr. John Gross, noted cosmetic and plastic surgeon, author, lecturer, and Associate Professor at the USC Keck School of Medicine brings his full spectrum of plastic and reconstructive surgery expertise to the Alford & Hoff team. His research of the SIR2stac Complex has confirmed the antioxidant properties of the Alford & Hoff products and addresses the immediate and long-term effects on aging skin. His reputation and medical achievements complement the founders’ medical and entrepreneurial expertise. 

Together, these men bring a new level of luxury performance to men’s skin care and distinctive qualities that define the lifestyle of the next generation of men.

How do I use the products?

Use: Massage onto wet skin, lather for one minute, then rinse. Sensitive skin may experience slight tingling. Avoid contact with eyes. 
Key Ingredients: Exfoliating AHA, Calming Oat Extract, Soothing Cactus Extract and Sea Fennel
Results: Deep cleans, gently exfoliates, removes impurities, and activates cellular renewal clearing away dull and damaged skin

Use: Massage cream onto warm wet skin to create a light lather. After shaving, rinse thoroughly. 
Key Ingredients: Allantoin (soothing) and Pro-Vitamin B5
Results: Improves skin condition leaving it soft and hydrated

Use: Morning and night, gently apply ultra light cream to area above and beneath the eyes.
Key Ingredients: "SIR2stac Complex", Dipeptide-2 (firming), Tetrapeptide (elasticity)
Results: Routine use delivers maximum penetration and eye lift

Use: Twice a week, after cleansing, massage evenly onto face and neck in a slow circular motion avoiding eye area. Rinse thoroughly.
Key Ingredients: Exfoliating Magnesium Oxide Crystals, Aloe Extract, Oat Extract
Results: Evens tone, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles to deliver a younger more energetic complexion

Use: In the morning (for SPF) and evening , following Serum application, gently massage moisturizer into face and neck area. Sensitive skin may experience slight tingling. SPF — For optimal performance reapply after extended sun exposure.
Key Ingredients: "SIR2stac Complex", Natural Amino Acids, Bamboo Silica, Glucosamine, Phytosterols, Sodium Hyaluronate , Plankton Extract (SPF only)
Results: Moisturizes for younger looking skin. Moisturizer SPF Protects from the sun’s rays

Use: Morning and night, after A & H Cleanse, gently massage a thin veil of intensive "SIR2stac COMPLEX" formula over entire face and allow to absorb. 
Key Ingredients: "SIR2stac Complex", Modulating Rice Extracts, Rice Botanicals, Crithmum Maritimum Extract, Marine Lavender, Pea Extract, and Natural Amino Acids
Results: Breathes new life into skin and combats and reverses the skin’s aging process

Where can I buy Alford & Hoff?
You can buy Alford & Hoff products on our web site, and at these fine retailers: Harrods and Nordstrom.
Who uses Alford & Hoff?
Since our launch, Alford & Hoff has become a huge hit. Our fans include sports figures, artists, musicians and celebrities including Tony Romo, Elton John, Kevin Nealon and many more.