Dr. John Gross, noted cosmetic and plastic surgeon, author, lecturer, and Associate Professor at the USC Keck School of Medicine brings his full spectrum of plastic and reconstructive surgery expertise to the Alford & Hoff team. His research of the SIR2stac Complex has confirmed the antioxidant properties of the Alford & Hoff products and the long term effects on aging skin. His reputation and medical achievements complement the founders’ medical and entrepreneurial expertise. Together, they bring a new level of performance and luxury to men’s skin care.

Clinically Proven

  • Immediate firming results of up to 60%
  • Significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles up to 76%
  • Significantly moisturizes and improves overall appearance by 85%

The Alford & Hoff "SIR2stac Complex"

Alford & Hoff’s revolutionary "SIR2stac Complex", is the foundation of all A&H leave on products and is a first for the men’s skin care industry.

This complex was formulated using the science of human longevity research and activates youth proteins (Sirtuins). Sirtuins are naturally occurring protein molecules in the skin and when activated surround and protect the cell promoting the lifespan of that cell by 70%. Results have been both immediate and long term, which is why at Alford & Hoff, we say "Sirtuin to make a difference".

Proprietary "SIR2stac COMPLEX"
Hydrating Amino Acids, Vitamin C, Sea Fennel, Anti-Oxidants, Lavendar Extract, Rice Extract, Tetrapeptides 7, Dipeptides, Pro Vitamin B5.
Beta-Glucan (anti-wrinkle).