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In Pursuit of Excellence



Every day, everyone at Alford & Hoff is inspired by the pursuit of excellence we see in others, and that which we magnify daily. This constant stream of inspiration can come from anyone, anywhere. From a day at the gym watching people perfect their workouts, a day of accomplishments and product planning in the A&H boardroom, and at home… helping family members thrive in daily activities: homework, family time, and being present in each other’s lives

Creating an environment where we support others at “being their best and thriving” has a resonant effect, in that… it creates a larger field of possibility. It is true: Excellence is found in grand, global activities – and this same field of excellence exists in everyday moments when the right amount of intent is applied with deliberate focus and action.

From global leaders making the world a better place – to fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters working hard with their families. When we take a moment and recognize how one person’s contributions magnify the power of intention, for the benefit of others, we can all summon this power and achieve the same excellence for ourselves.

Welcome to the world of Alford & Hoff.

This being our first new Blog on our brand new Alford & Hoff website, we decided to share some of the excellence we have experienced and amplified in recent months. We know that hard work brings results – and being the cause and effect of excellence is the philosophy that inspires our very own signature A&H products.

We believe that by inspiring you to be more, think greater, and pursue excellence in your own life – we can all benefit from the difference we make for each other – and the world around us.

That is our mission. Thanks for joining us on our journey.


- Barry Alford, CEO of Alford & Hoff

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Further Future – May 2015

How does a world free of anxieties sound? Inspirational, right? Through the connective properties of music and art, Further Future attracted some really amazing people to the Nevada desert for a 3-day music and art festival reminiscent of Burning Man and a smaller version of Coachella.

Being at this event with a large group of “forward thinkers” was electric. The energy in the room was palpable. This group was devoted to making a brighter future happen – and being there was both emotional and thrilling.

A Further Future event is a gathering of people with the common goal of spending time together celebrating the infinite possibilities of the future, without necessarily being shackled to the dictates of the past or the cycles of present-day society. Attendees are immersed in music and art, within an environment where they are encouraged to shed their anxieties and fears, and embrace a natural state of happiness. The event fosters a culture of open thought and inquiry, where the A&H team shared ideas and aspirations with leading minds in art, business, science, technology and thought.

Watching the presentation by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh was particularly inspiring. You may recall… the online shoe store grew from a “paper and mail order catalogue business” into a company that had over $1B in sales by 2009. During Tony’s presentation, he spoke about the “community” he is working to cultivate in Las Vegas, where he is using his personal money to make a better, more-connected world. Ironically not through technology… but by building a community where you can walk to anything you need.

Hearing his vision in an environment surrounded by ideas from other visionary leaders reminded us about our Alford & Hoff culture, and the role we play in the lives of our customers around the world. We strive to be real about the goals we set, and we thrive on taking a stand for those who cannot do so on their own.

It was a great feeling, being immersed in this open culture because it gave us a chance to look at ourselves in the metaphorical mirror. We exist to add joy and inspiration in our customers lives – so we may all have a life of integrity that connects people to their higher purpose.

It was a really cool event and long after we left, we still Enjoy talking about the way it made us feel.

Images courtesy of Further Future and CC Contributor FlickreviewR (Wikipedia)


I Had A Revelation – at Agape’s 2015 Revelation Conference

Our month of inspiration continued at the Agape International Spiritual Center’s annual conference: Revelation. The theme for 2015 was “An indoor celebration with an out of the box perspective!” – with Michael Beckwith, Rickie Byars Beckwith, the Agape Community; and featured speakers Dr. Joe Dispenza, Panache Desai and Dr. Sue Morter.


Being in a room full of people devoted to manifesting a powerful, positive vibration, was a one-of-kind, unique experience. This same spirit of excellence was felt by Saturday’s keynote speaker, Panache Desai, and his message included a call to realign our focus and let go of material concerns.  


Panache compared the universe to Las Vegas, where we have collectively developed a world that is focused on things that limit the human experience. Money, Greed, Abundance, and Self-Serving motivation. His session challenged the audience to realign our focus so we can become more, achieve more, and make the world a better place.

If we all took-on the challenge to participate in creating a world where no one goes hungry, where people are kind to each other, and happiness permeates – we could all grow into a generation that gives back to a world that continuously gives us so much. Yes, it was powerful.

Panache and everyone at Agape Revelation inspired us to maintain a global outlook of responsibility, while we all embraced the “excellence within.” A very relatable moment was when Panache encouraged us all to run towards your fears and break free of our self-imposed prisons! He challenged the crowd to look within and locate their inner spark. When this inner spark is discovered and realigned for excellence, the opportunities in life are limitless! 


Images courtesy of Agape International Spiritual Center and Alford & Hoff



Training with Chris Cormier at the Iconic Gold’s Gym


Living from the vibration where our minds are focused on intention, it was time to channel this energy into exercise. For all our weekend warriors and workout-driven customers, we recognize the importance of being open to learning new techniques – particularly from athletes who have proven that perseverance yields results.

Chris Cormier was so genuine with his invitation for a workout coaching session at Gold’s Gym. You may know that Chris is a member of the International Federation of Bodybuilders, and that he participated in some very prestigious events including Mr. Olympia, Arnold Classic, the Ironman Pro Invitational, Night of Champions (now called the New York Pro); and he is also seen in many fitness and bodybuilding magazines, including Muscular Development magazine.

So on this day, it was exciting to learn some new techniques I could apply to my workout. This day was all about TUT (time under tension) training, to gain new results. TUT is the amount of time a muscle is held under tension, during one set of an exercise. Men’s Fitness Magazine posted an article about TUT that says “By focusing on timed sets rather than hitting a specific number of reps, you can directly influence the intensity of the set and spur huge gains in size and strength.”

Chris’ shared technique had a resounding influence in this particular workout. Yes, we all have patterns we fall into. A “way” of doing things that we know yields results. Yet is also true… being open to new ideas can vastly improve the way we accomplish things in life. Chris’ influence reminded me, by embracing change… we continue to grow and develop strength. This lesson is not exclusive to physical fitness and can be applied to every facet of life: work, play, and the improvement of relationships with others.

Thanks again, Chris!

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In Pursuit of Excellence


Every day, we all do things that make a difference in the world. Channeling inspiration into action is Alford & Hoff’s everyday commitment to our customers around the world, who… in their own unique way… make our world a better place.

Through sport, through mentoring, through helping others look and feel their best. Thank you for inspiring us to write about some of the events that drive our pursuit of excellence. It was Fun sharing our experiences with you on our new website and we look forward to sharing more in our upcoming Blogs.

Alford & Hoff has a lot of great new products you’ll hear about soon, and one thing that will always remain consistent is our drive to make products that do not define the customer – but add-to our customer’s powerful experience in their own pursuit of excellence.


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Bonus Feature: 3 Questions with Alford & Hoff CEO, Barry Alford

Thanks again for reading our first Blog. In this “bonus” section we are adding “3 Question With…” – where we ask special Spotlight Guests to share their thoughts and feelings about: how do you pray, what inspires you, and how do you pay it forward.

Each Spotlight Guest has a different way of looking at the world – and the theme in their responses is always enlightening. For Alford & Hoff, we recognize there are some really amazing people on this planet doing great things – and we want you to know who they are. :- )

So in this first Blog for June 2015, Alford & Hoff asked its own CEO, Barry Alford, these same 3 questions. Barry’s answers reveal greater “insight” about our company’s philosophy – and the person leading Alford & Hoff’s unique and forward-looking identity. Here’s what Barry says:




3 Questions with Barry Alford 


Question: Barry, how do you pray?

Answer: I find myself praying during those select silent moments that surprise me during the day. Sometimes I pray in the morning after I wake up before my feet touch the ground. Sometimes I pray when the dark surrounds me in the middle of the night and I cannot sleep, as countless thoughts run through my mind. I always pray when I come across someone who seems to me… to be struggling – and I remind myself how fortunate I am while thinking … what can I do to help? I have learned to pray during the highs and lows of life. You often hear how people find God during a low time and seek help. I trust that no matter what I am experiencing, good and bad, God is always there. He is always listening.


Question: Barry, what inspires you?

Answer: I am inspired by the hope that God created all of us to be and do something special, and with time and patience… more and more people will wake up and come to this realization.


Question: Barry, How do you “pay it forward”?

Answer: I like to think I pay it forward in a variety of ways, including donating my time and money to organizations working to help others – and in my day-to-day interactions with people I meet along my journey of becoming a more enlightened person. By sharing the wisdom and knowledge I have gained, I like inspiring others. When the time comes that I leave this place, I hope people will remember me for the positive impact I have had in their lives and not for any superficial attributes I may have had, or business endeavors I pursued. What I would like people to take away is… there is nothing more valuable than time, and with time and patience you create a powerful tool for change. I am working every day to polish my delivery so I can help others, while I continue improving myself. I feel I have a gift for seeing people, and it's a purpose I have given myself to dedicate my time to helping others see the significance in themselves.



Words to live by. Words to thrive by. Words we can all admire.


Have a great day!


- Barry Alford

Barry Alford
Barry Alford


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