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Being present in a state of “100% focus" on what is happening in this now moment is a goal that I strive to attain. It is true:  being present is powerful. This state of mind allows all of us to connect with infinite possibilities. However, as I work on being 100% present, I find it is sometimes harder than it would seem. 

This may seem counterintuitive. We are always going about our day managing multiple things and that makes us present to our surroundings. But many times we revert to “auto-pilot” mode, going from task to task without much thought about the “why” and “how” we do what we do. Then add everyday distractions and worrisome thoughts that arise at any given moment… and we can see how easy it is to forget what being present really means.

With this in mind, I have committed to making a focused effort at keeping my attention tuned to every task at hand. No matter the action required, I am working to keep my mind centered in the present moment because… that is all we really have. This moment right now… for thriving, for rising above every perceived challenge, and for remaining connected to a field of gratitude for all the great things happening in my life, the lives of my friends and colleagues, and everyone at Alford & Hoff.

It's amazing how much of the “experience” we can miss when we are not 100% present.  Everything from how good your morning coffee tastes to the smiles on friends face during a funny conversation.  When your mind drifts from being present it is easy to worry about what's due during the week, or have anxiety about the future. These kinds of distractions remove us from the “now moment” and they prevent us from really enjoying the unique moment in time you are having right now

Just remember: you have the power to choose from moment to moment, how you experience things.  You are in control of your mind and your thoughts.  Life is a process and a constant unfolding that should be experienced fully. And I am working to enjoy every aspect of it. 

As we all get ready for the holiday season, I am thankful to recognize all the lessons learned, the unique friends and family in my life, and all the opportunities that come to me day after day. I am thankful that I see things differently – and for recognizing every opportunity that is happening now. I look forward to seeing everyone this coming Thanksgiving and being completely present in your journey.

- Barry Alford, CEO of Alford & Hoff 
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A Busy Holiday Season for Alford & Hoff!

It is always gratifying to see the manifestation of 100% focused effort. We recently met with Neiman Marcus to discuss the launch of our Trunk Show, where we are premiering our upcoming line of leather goods. We have always dreamed of expanding into new categories and this is an exciting time for Alford & Hoff! 

So, let us be first to invite you to our next event happening December 12th at Neiman Marcus in Coral Cables. Be sure to stop by our Trunk Show and tell all your friends in the area to come say hello and join the excitement surrounding our new fragrances and new leather products.

I am also excited for our expanded fragrance launch in Military Exchanges nationwide. Alford & Hoff is grateful to our service members and all they do.  That is why I am particularly excited about sharing with our new fragrance, Alford & Hoff No. 2

By staying present in our goals we are able to recognize the opportunities that come every day. Alford & Hoff has accomplished so much this year, including our recent success at being sought by additional international distributors who are bringing the A&H brand to new markets. Yes, there are many things to be grateful for and it speaks directly to the power of being present. Plus, we have even more GREAT news coming so be sure to pay attention to our Facebook Wall and our Instagram for exiting holiday specials!

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A New Trainer

With Chris Cormier spending more time in Palm Springs, I have hired a new trainer: IFBB pro Sherlyn Roy.  I am always excited to learn of new ways of getting the most out of my workout and Sherlyn is amazing.

My focus this time is building my core, while rebalancing and strengthening key muscle groups.  In order to accomplish this I have had to focus intently on being present in my new workout, making sure I am executing the exercises properly and focusing beyond the aches and flare-ups of old football injuries.

Sherlyn’s technique is building the body from the core out, while lengthening the body. Light weights with more attention paid to form and balance, while still maintaining Chris's expert techniques of time under tension. It is always great to keep what worked from the past and remain open to new ideas. I am excited to blend these two approaches together. 

You can learn more about Sherilyn’s approach here

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The College Football Season

My favorite time of year is definitely Fall and football season. I love watching the games and watching young athletes compete. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend many college football games live – and I especially enjoy catching a game featuring my alma mater, ASU.

So far, I am fortunate to have attended two games this season and I have had a GREAT time!  



If you have yet to, or never had a chance to attend a live football game, I highly suggest making time to do so.  There is nothing like the energy of being at a game in-person, experiencing the passion of fans, enjoying the delicious “good but bad for you" food, and the overall thrill and anticipation of finding out who is going to win. 

It's been interesting season in the Pac12. Players hurt, coaches fired, teams starting in the top 10 who are now currently unranked.  I am really looking forward to attending more games throughout the season and seeing where the Sun Devils end up at the end of the season!

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Enjoying All the Thrills Life Brings – Especially When We Are All Focused on Being Present

Yes, there are always distractions that can try to prevent us from being present. The ping from a cell phone, thoughts of what needs to be done later, endless pockets of chatter happening 360 degrees around us all. Everything and everyone competing for our attention sometimes challenges our focus, causing us to want to just “get through the day.”  And all these distractions can easily prevent us from experiencing what is truly happening around us at every moment.

Like, the warm sunshine. The sound of the wind. The laughter of children. And the creativity that goes into every action taken by the people we work with, who are part of our amazing journey. Being present can sometimes be challenging. But when we consciously take a moment and recognize that complex events always come together for our benefit, we can begin to realize that we are the source of being present in our own lives and the lives of everyone we care about.

Think back to the last time you had an “a-ha” moment. I bet you were being 100% present in the tasks you were working on and then… out of nowhere… BOOM! Inspiration came to you quickly and suddenly.  You had the solutions to your tasks at hand.  And what a feeling to be connected with your inner genius, a state of mind that allows us to realize new possibilities, inspirations, and new revelations.

This environment of being present is what we are all striving to maintain at Alford & Hoff. It is this source of inspiration that goes into the design of all our fragrances and products – and it is this same ability of being present that we hope you achieve in your life, too. Whether that includes choosing a new workout, choosing the right decision in the board room, and choosing the perfect family activity – we see you thriving and being successful in your life, while our products help you feel, look, and be your best. 


This holiday season, we invite you to share our Alford & Hoff Holiday Magic. Be sure to check out our online store and look for us at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Military Exchanges around the world. And stay tuned to our Facebook Wall and our Instagram for some GREAT special deals coming this month – like our Gift With Purchase Special on Black Friday AND our Cyber Monday Special Discount Promotion! 

We all have much to be grateful for this holiday season, so remember to be present with friends and family members who are close to you. They will appreciate your undivided time, attention, and focus.



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Bonus Feature: Three Questions With Alford & Hoff’s Co-Founder, Jefferson Hoffman!  

I have known Jefferson Hoffman for over 20 years.  We played football at ASU, were roommates after college, and we started Alford & Hoff together.

Jefferson is the proud father of a young son and we are pleased to have him participate in our monthly bonus section:
3 Questions with Jefferson Hoffman.  




Question: Jefferson, how do you pray?

Answer: My praying has evolved into meditation, usually taking place in the evenings. The basics: giving thanks, clearing your mind, focusing on positive things and visualizing what you want to happen in the future.


Question: Jefferson, what inspires you?

Answer: People inspire me.  Stories about people who show great courage and perseverance to overcome their biggest challenges in life.  I usually hear, see, or read about one every day.  The underdog story gets me every time!


Question: Jefferson, how do you “pay it forward”?

Answer: Paying it forward is always a work in progress for me.  This topic revealed itself to me in a brand new way since the birth of my son.  Only now has it been brought into focus.  Before, paying it forward mainly consisted of being a better son, brother, friend, husband, and father.  Mix in a few random acts of kindness, being courteous, compassionate, etc...  That was my way of paying it forward, which rarely had a meaningful impact outside my inner circle.  I now understand how important it is for all of us to share our talents with the young and less fortunate, and better their lives as much as we do our own.



Words to live by. Words to thrive by. Words we can all admire.
Thanks for sharing with us, Jefferson – and thank you for all you do.  
- Barry Alford





Barry Alford
Barry Alford


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