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Living in the Moment – 2016



Happy New Year from all of us at Alford & Hoff! I hope you enjoyed time with your friends and family over Christmas. A new year is upon us and each day I look forward to exponential potential and opportunity.

2015 was a great year for us and as I look back, I see how much we accomplished. We expanded our brand, launching in Neiman Marcus and in Military Exchanges around the world. We also expanded our business in the U.K., launched products in the Caribbean, and shipped products to more international markets.

In addition to expanding our reach, we also expanded our product line! We launched our new fragrance, Alford & Hoff No. 2, along with a new line of leather goods. I am proud of the work our Alford & Hoff Team did this year. Thank you for your commitment and dedication.

Looking onward to 2016, we have a lot more exciting work ahead of us. We have new fragrances in development. We are expanding our distribution here in the United States. We are also launching into new international markets this year, and that means trips to Mexico, the U.K., and Canada to get the ball rolling. Nothing takes the place of a face-to-face meeting where we can solidify a great partnership over a great meal. So lots of travel and fun this coming Spring.

If there is one thing I have learned along the way, it is that you need to take time and “smell the roses.” I look back on past business trips and the opportunities I missed to explore a new city... and experience a new culture because I was determined to get on the next flight back home. This year, I plan to take more time… appreciate all these new experiences… and give myself an extra day or so to just live and be in the moment.

2016 is all about being happy, grateful, and present in all the great moments coming this year. Thanks for joining us on this incredible journey. We look forward to sharing our great news as it happens.

- Barry Alford, CEO of Alford & Hoff
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New Travel Sprays


We are excited to share that we are getting ready to rollout new travel sprays! They were popular in our holiday gift sets so we decided to offer them as individual products. We start shipping to stores in March, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates. 






Think White


The launch of Alford & Hoff No. 2 is going really well!  Customers love our new fragrance and as a follow-up to this success, we have our newest fragrance in development. Think white.  This fragrance is very unique and has a combination of notes not currently seen in the market. I think this might be my favorite fragrance.  I look forward to seeing what our customers think.



Alford & Hoff launch Leather Goods Line at Neiman Marcus in Coral Gables Florida! 



On Saturday, December 12th, Alford & Hoff unveiled a new line of leather goods at Neiman Marcus in Coral Gables, Florida. It was a FUN event and it was awesome sharing our brand in person. Thanks to our customers who came to the event and being part of our excitement.



Leather goods are a new segment for us and we are thrilled with the results. So popular, we are currently out of stock on our leather dopp kit – but rest assured, we are working to get them back to stores and online. Stay tuned for updates!


More Product Images from Coral Gables



Throughout the years, I have always been a pretty healthy and active person. Health and fitness are part of my everyday life. Though I did realize this past year, I have less wiggle room then I used to.

As I age, I need to be more diligent and consistent with how I eat and how I train. Gone are the days of letting it all go for a weekend, then looking and feeling great on Monday. I can no longer get away with eating or drinking in excess. Now, an occasional cheat day is about all I can handle.

To everyone who is fit over 40, congrats. I know staying in shape takes work and effort – and guess what? The focus and discipline needed to remain this way only increases the older you get.

I want to live a long a healthy life and that means maintaining myself by eating properly and exercising. True, it is not easy… but I am constantly looking at what I eat, how I eat, and how I exercise. I am constantly pursuing new ways to improve on all fronts.

If you are having trouble staying fit, my tip is to focus on what you are doing and make changes where you can. That way you will be able to live a long and happy life!

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January is always a sad time for me when it comes to sports. It is the end of the College Football season, which is something I look forward to every year. Of course, it isn’t all sad.

I am looking forward to the National Championship game, Alabama versus Clemson. Let’s see if everyone is cheering Roll Tide.

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2015 was an AMAZING year for Alford & Hoff and we look forward to going even further in 2016. In all your perceived ups and downs, throughout all the expansion in your life this year, remember to remain present and strive harder to achieve your dreams.

On the field, in the boardroom, in all your endeavors – look back at 2015 and all that you accomplished. Use that energy to propel you even further this year.

Thanks for your continued support. We look forward to sharing more about our expanding journey throughout 2016.


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This month we are kicking-off a new Blog feature called “Inspiring People Who Did Not Give Up,” inspired by articles we have read on Wikipedia and other sources named below.

Life changes day-to-day and it can sometimes be challenging. Everyone at one point or another is tempted to “cut their losses” and give up. But, we encourage you to keep going. Even some of the most successful and accomplished people in the world are pushed to the edge.

And just like you, they persevere… they learn from their mistakes… they refocus… and they keep going.


Bill Gates

Before building his empire, Bill Gates started a business called Traf-O-Data with Paul Allen and Paul Gilbert. It went nowhere. Mr. Gates also dropped out of Harvard but his passion for computers and his vision of the opportunities inspired him to start Microsoft. The rest is history.

Info and CC image courtesy of Wikipedia


Mark Cuban

Before making billions selling his company to Yahoo, Mark Cuban failed at a variety of jobs. He failed as a carpenter, as a cook, as a waiter (he could not open a bottle of wine). In an interview with Smart Business, he says of his failures, "I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter how many times you failed. You only have to be right once. I tried to sell powdered milk. I was an idiot lots of times, and I learned from them all.”

Source: Smart Business and CC image courtesy of Wikipedia 


Walt Disney

Walt Disney was fired from the Kanas City Star in 1919 because his editor said he “lacked imagination and had no original ideas." Disney’s first animation company, Laugh-O-Gram, went bankrupt. It is said he was turned down hundreds of times when he sought financing for Disney World, but he did not give up.

Today, the Walt Disney Company makes an estimated U.S. revenue of $30 billion annually. The lesson:  don’t ever give up.

Source: Business Insider and CC image courtesy of Wikipedia



Words to live by. Words to thrive by. Words we can all admire.


- Barry Alford




Alford & Hoff Holiday Gratitude

Here we are! The end of another amazing year and so much we are grateful for this Holiday Season.

This Fall we launched our newest fragrance, Alford & Hoff No. 2. This December we unveil our new line of A&H Leather Goods with a Trunk Show coming to Neiman Marcus in Coral Gables, Florida. And we just wrapped a fun special shopping event at Nordstrom Topanga Mall in Southern California

For all our friends and clients, we want to say thank you with some very special holiday deals. All month in December, get our new Alford & Hoff Gym Bag as a Free Gift with your Purchase. Plus, you can also get 25% off your entire shopping cart order from our Official Online Store starting December 7th! Special code “thanks” at check out.

These are just a few of the ways we are saying thank you for helping make 2015 an amazing year for all of us. And, while 2015 continues unfolding in great ways, I want to personally acknowledge everyone at Alford & Hoff who helped shape this year’s achievements. Jefferson Hoffman, Kecia Coby, Yeva Rintel, Frank Policastro, Brian Hack, and the entire A&H team – for your brilliance, your expertise, and your commitment to helping get our products into the lives of our amazing customers. I look at December as the culmination and results of the goals we set in 2014 and throughout 2015. Everyone worked really hard carrying our vision forward, and as a result all this excitement is leading us into another amazing year in 2016.

I love December. Reflecting and celebrating holidays, especially when Christmas arrives and everyone takes the time to be with the people who matter most in our lives: Family and friends.  At the end of the year I plan to spend some quality time with my family setting work down for a moment, turning off the phone, and being present in their lives. The stories, the laughs, and the traditions… all the things that make this journey memorable.

I am also embracing the spirit of giving. I love giving presents to my beautiful nieces and seeing their faces light up on Christmas morning, as well as giving to others who are less fortunate. There is a tremendous feeling of joy and satisfaction we can all have when we do special things for other people.  Remember, there are many ways to be charitable.  

Amidst all the things happening this season, one of the most important things to remember is to acknowledge yourself for all you have achieved this year as a direct result of your hard work and discipline. Right now everyone at Alford & Hoff congratulates you on a job well done.  Congrats to our weekend warriors who pushed their limits this year and thrived.  Congrats to our sports heroes who persevered and scored the epic point. Congrats to the executives in our lives who get up every day and close the next deal.  Congrats to our service members worldwide, who do so much to protect our freedoms.

We appreciated each and every one of you. Happy Holidays, and cheers to an amazing New Year. 


- Barry Alford, CEO of Alford & Hoff
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Tis the Season for Alford & Hoff Holiday Joy!

Barry Alford & Kecia Coby Showcase Alford & Hoff at Nordstrom!

On Wednesday evening December 2nd, I had the opportunity to attend a special shopping event at Nordstrom in the Topanga Mall with our marketing expert Kecia Coby. It was so much fun to get to know all the shoppers who wanted to know more about our fragrances. Their stories were funny, their enthusiasm was contagious, and the smiles on their faces were delightful. Thank you to everyone at Nordstrom’s for a successful night!

Everyone had a great time and we shot a bunch of photos. Were you there?  Click over to Instagram and Facebook to see the collection of photos we posted – and be sure to tag yourself. This holiday season, stop by your nearest Nordstrom and remember, our Gift with Purchase promotion runs all through the month of December, so be sure to tell your Friends! 




Images courtesy of Alford & Hoff

A&H Trunk Show at Neiman Marcus in Coral Gables Florida!

On Saturday, December 12th, Alford & Hoff will be unveiling a new line of leather goods at Neiman Marcus in Coral Gables, Florida. Come for the fun! Get great A&H Christmas presents for family and friends and receive a FREE Gift with Purchase!  Be sure to RSVP!


A Holiday Story to Share


Everyone has holiday traditions. Mine is watching “A Christmas Story” with my brother Sean.  I think we have watched this together every year since 1983.  A few drinks and some good laughs. This is definitely a must-see holiday film, and it is important to have these annual traditions. They help strengthen the bond between you and those closest to you.

One of the things I like most about the movie is that after all the trials and tribulations Ralphie ultimately gets his Red Ryder. However, even though it is cool for Ralphie to get his wish, the central message to me is: As we grow, we eventually come to realize that Christmas is less about the tinsel and wrapping paper, and more about the memories we create. So Sean, get the drinks ready our holiday movie plans are on!

What are you Christmas traditions? Make sure to share them on our Facebook Wall and our Instagram.
Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Studios & Amazon

Holiday Fitness Advice


With the Holidays upon us and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, the number one thing people ask me is: how do I maintain a fitness program and stay in shape during this season?

I have been active my entire life. From being an athlete to working my fitness regimen into my busy and hectic professional life. I have also helped friends with their own fitness goals. Throughout it all I have learned a couple things, but this is the most important:

Every persons body is different.  What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. This is especially important when you see the next fitness trend that is guaranteed to “melt off the pounds.” Here is my advice: pay attention to what your body and workouts are telling you.  With so many different workout routines and diets, it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint what works best for each individual.  So remember, when you find a routine that works, and when you find a meal plan that works, stick with it!  And above all else, remember to BE PRESENT during every workout. Your body will tell you what it needs.  Be sure to listen.

Do you need more toning? More cardio?  Is oatmeal right for you in the morning? Or do you need a protein shake? Ask yourselves questions like this and listen to your body.  Once you learn what your body needs, you will be able to fine tune your approach and produce amazing results!

Even though there are many different variations, I do know one thing that will keep you from reaching your fitness goals: If you eat badly and don’t move, don’t expect to be in shape.  If you want to lose weight, you need to eat less calories than you burn – and those calories need to come from clean, nutritious foods.  It’s that simple! 

The heart of the holiday season is upon us and so are the holiday parties.  Expect to find cookies, comfort food, and eggnog.  Enjoy, but consume these types of foods in very small quantities and be prepared to move more to burn off the excess calories.  These foods are tempting and there is often social pressure to partake, but remember… if you don't want to pack on the pounds, move and keep away from the bad foods as much as possible!  I know this is tough, but you can do it! Take it from me, it might be hard, but you will be happy you stuck to your fitness goals.

College Football Update

College football has come to an end with the playoffs and bowl season ahead of us.  Excited to see Stamford represent the PAC12 in the Rose Bowl, and we predict BAMA to win it all.

A disappointing season for our Devils, but on a positive note for 2016… the Sun Devils have landed some local 4 and 5 star recruits this year, which is inspiring as an alum because this was not the case in recent years.  I am excited to watch Coach Graham’s hard work come to fruition by building a GREAT foundation for the future of the program. 

Image courtesy of houseofsparky

Happy Holidays and Onward to 2016!

The holidays are great because they allow us an opportunity to rest and recharge.

It is also important to spend time with those close to you. Family. Friends.

From all of us at Alford & Hoff, have a wonderful holiday season and an amazing new year! And remember, we created Alford & Hoff for the athlete that lives in all of us.

Thanks for making this an amazing year!


Image: Alford & Hoff


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Bonus Feature: 3 Questions with Richard Tillman!  

Bonus Feature: 3 Questions with Richard Tillman!  

This year we introduced our new Blog and we have thoroughly enjoyed sharing some of the amazing people we know. People who inspire us. People who remind us that being focused on the journey leads to amazing accomplishments. People who are our friends. People we admire.

This month I invited my good friend Richard Tillman to be part of our bonus feature.  Richard is the author of the children’s book series LUNA-TIKES, he is a great father and husband, and very close dear friend. Here's what he says.


Image: Alford & Hoff


3 Questions with Richard Tillman 

Question: Richard, how do you pray?

Answer:  I don't. I wishful-think, and hope. Which is basically the same concept, I just don't direct my hopes and wishful thinking to anyone in particular. 

Question: Richard, what inspires you?

Answer: My family inspires me. Aside from my Mom, Dad and brothers, who have easily been my biggest inspirations growing up. My wife Christina and our two sons, Gus and Jake, are my biggest inspirations now. My wife sets such a great example for our boys with her work ethic and just her all around awesomeness. She makes it very hard to slack off. And my kids inspire me to be a better person simply by being so damn cute. I just want to fill them up with goodness.


Question: Richard, how do you “pay it forward”?

Answer:  Unfortunately, with all the work I'm doing building LUNA-TIKES, it has left me with very little time to do much of that. That being said, once LUNA-TIKES is in a good place, we will be embarking on several philanthropic endeavors that benefit kids. From Operation Smile, which is an organization that goes around the world helping children that are born with a cleft lip or cleft palate, to many different children's hospitals, as well as various school and food programs. But as you know, you first have to get your business in a good position to do all these great things. But we are confident that LUNA-TIKES will soon be in a position to help children from all walks of life in a variety of areas. And that's a day we are very much looking forward to.

Words to live by. Words to thrive by. Words we can all admire.
Thanks for sharing with us, Richard – and thank you for all you do.  

Learn more about LUNA-TIKES, here.

- Barry Alford



Being Present - The Alford & Hoff Blog - November 2015

Being present in a state of “100% focus" on what is happening in this now moment is a goal that I strive to attain. It is true:  being present is powerful. This state of mind allows all of us to connect with infinite possibilities. However, as I work on being 100% present, I find it is sometimes harder than it would seem. 

This may seem counterintuitive. We are always going about our day managing multiple things and that makes us present to our surroundings. But many times we revert to “auto-pilot” mode, going from task to task without much thought about the “why” and “how” we do what we do. Then add everyday distractions and worrisome thoughts that arise at any given moment… and we can see how easy it is to forget what being present really means.

With this in mind, I have committed to making a focused effort at keeping my attention tuned to every task at hand. No matter the action required, I am working to keep my mind centered in the present moment because… that is all we really have. This moment right now… for thriving, for rising above every perceived challenge, and for remaining connected to a field of gratitude for all the great things happening in my life, the lives of my friends and colleagues, and everyone at Alford & Hoff.

It's amazing how much of the “experience” we can miss when we are not 100% present.  Everything from how good your morning coffee tastes to the smiles on friends face during a funny conversation.  When your mind drifts from being present it is easy to worry about what's due during the week, or have anxiety about the future. These kinds of distractions remove us from the “now moment” and they prevent us from really enjoying the unique moment in time you are having right now

Just remember: you have the power to choose from moment to moment, how you experience things.  You are in control of your mind and your thoughts.  Life is a process and a constant unfolding that should be experienced fully. And I am working to enjoy every aspect of it. 

As we all get ready for the holiday season, I am thankful to recognize all the lessons learned, the unique friends and family in my life, and all the opportunities that come to me day after day. I am thankful that I see things differently – and for recognizing every opportunity that is happening now. I look forward to seeing everyone this coming Thanksgiving and being completely present in your journey.

- Barry Alford, CEO of Alford & Hoff 
Image courtesy of Alford & Hoff


A Busy Holiday Season for Alford & Hoff!

It is always gratifying to see the manifestation of 100% focused effort. We recently met with Neiman Marcus to discuss the launch of our Trunk Show, where we are premiering our upcoming line of leather goods. We have always dreamed of expanding into new categories and this is an exciting time for Alford & Hoff! 

So, let us be first to invite you to our next event happening December 12th at Neiman Marcus in Coral Cables. Be sure to stop by our Trunk Show and tell all your friends in the area to come say hello and join the excitement surrounding our new fragrances and new leather products.

I am also excited for our expanded fragrance launch in Military Exchanges nationwide. Alford & Hoff is grateful to our service members and all they do.  That is why I am particularly excited about sharing with our new fragrance, Alford & Hoff No. 2

By staying present in our goals we are able to recognize the opportunities that come every day. Alford & Hoff has accomplished so much this year, including our recent success at being sought by additional international distributors who are bringing the A&H brand to new markets. Yes, there are many things to be grateful for and it speaks directly to the power of being present. Plus, we have even more GREAT news coming so be sure to pay attention to our Facebook Wall and our Instagram for exiting holiday specials!

Image courtesy of Alford & Hoff

A New Trainer

With Chris Cormier spending more time in Palm Springs, I have hired a new trainer: IFBB pro Sherlyn Roy.  I am always excited to learn of new ways of getting the most out of my workout and Sherlyn is amazing.

My focus this time is building my core, while rebalancing and strengthening key muscle groups.  In order to accomplish this I have had to focus intently on being present in my new workout, making sure I am executing the exercises properly and focusing beyond the aches and flare-ups of old football injuries.

Sherlyn’s technique is building the body from the core out, while lengthening the body. Light weights with more attention paid to form and balance, while still maintaining Chris's expert techniques of time under tension. It is always great to keep what worked from the past and remain open to new ideas. I am excited to blend these two approaches together. 

You can learn more about Sherilyn’s approach here

Image courtesy of

The College Football Season

My favorite time of year is definitely Fall and football season. I love watching the games and watching young athletes compete. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend many college football games live – and I especially enjoy catching a game featuring my alma mater, ASU.

So far, I am fortunate to have attended two games this season and I have had a GREAT time!  



If you have yet to, or never had a chance to attend a live football game, I highly suggest making time to do so.  There is nothing like the energy of being at a game in-person, experiencing the passion of fans, enjoying the delicious “good but bad for you" food, and the overall thrill and anticipation of finding out who is going to win. 

It's been interesting season in the Pac12. Players hurt, coaches fired, teams starting in the top 10 who are now currently unranked.  I am really looking forward to attending more games throughout the season and seeing where the Sun Devils end up at the end of the season!

Image courtesy of Alford and Hoff

Enjoying All the Thrills Life Brings – Especially When We Are All Focused on Being Present

Yes, there are always distractions that can try to prevent us from being present. The ping from a cell phone, thoughts of what needs to be done later, endless pockets of chatter happening 360 degrees around us all. Everything and everyone competing for our attention sometimes challenges our focus, causing us to want to just “get through the day.”  And all these distractions can easily prevent us from experiencing what is truly happening around us at every moment.

Like, the warm sunshine. The sound of the wind. The laughter of children. And the creativity that goes into every action taken by the people we work with, who are part of our amazing journey. Being present can sometimes be challenging. But when we consciously take a moment and recognize that complex events always come together for our benefit, we can begin to realize that we are the source of being present in our own lives and the lives of everyone we care about.

Think back to the last time you had an “a-ha” moment. I bet you were being 100% present in the tasks you were working on and then… out of nowhere… BOOM! Inspiration came to you quickly and suddenly.  You had the solutions to your tasks at hand.  And what a feeling to be connected with your inner genius, a state of mind that allows us to realize new possibilities, inspirations, and new revelations.

This environment of being present is what we are all striving to maintain at Alford & Hoff. It is this source of inspiration that goes into the design of all our fragrances and products – and it is this same ability of being present that we hope you achieve in your life, too. Whether that includes choosing a new workout, choosing the right decision in the board room, and choosing the perfect family activity – we see you thriving and being successful in your life, while our products help you feel, look, and be your best. 


This holiday season, we invite you to share our Alford & Hoff Holiday Magic. Be sure to check out our online store and look for us at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Military Exchanges around the world. And stay tuned to our Facebook Wall and our Instagram for some GREAT special deals coming this month – like our Gift With Purchase Special on Black Friday AND our Cyber Monday Special Discount Promotion! 

We all have much to be grateful for this holiday season, so remember to be present with friends and family members who are close to you. They will appreciate your undivided time, attention, and focus.



Image courtesy of Alford & Hoff

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Bonus Feature: Three Questions With Alford & Hoff’s Co-Founder, Jefferson Hoffman!  

I have known Jefferson Hoffman for over 20 years.  We played football at ASU, were roommates after college, and we started Alford & Hoff together.

Jefferson is the proud father of a young son and we are pleased to have him participate in our monthly bonus section:
3 Questions with Jefferson Hoffman.  




Question: Jefferson, how do you pray?

Answer: My praying has evolved into meditation, usually taking place in the evenings. The basics: giving thanks, clearing your mind, focusing on positive things and visualizing what you want to happen in the future.


Question: Jefferson, what inspires you?

Answer: People inspire me.  Stories about people who show great courage and perseverance to overcome their biggest challenges in life.  I usually hear, see, or read about one every day.  The underdog story gets me every time!


Question: Jefferson, how do you “pay it forward”?

Answer: Paying it forward is always a work in progress for me.  This topic revealed itself to me in a brand new way since the birth of my son.  Only now has it been brought into focus.  Before, paying it forward mainly consisted of being a better son, brother, friend, husband, and father.  Mix in a few random acts of kindness, being courteous, compassionate, etc...  That was my way of paying it forward, which rarely had a meaningful impact outside my inner circle.  I now understand how important it is for all of us to share our talents with the young and less fortunate, and better their lives as much as we do our own.



Words to live by. Words to thrive by. Words we can all admire.
Thanks for sharing with us, Jefferson – and thank you for all you do.  
- Barry Alford





The Higher Vision - The Alford & Hoff Blog - October 2015


Keeping your eye on the bigger picture to achieve goals is often referred to as "strategic thinking."  Capturing an idea, sharing the vision with others, taking practical steps – these are key building blocks of manifestation and productivity. Then comes the time when you must focus on ALL the details! Yes. We are talking about the how, the why, and the when

Looking up close at countless details can sometimes be daunting. Every iteration of possibility pulls at our attention. The need to pick the best possible route, examining all the choices… lots of thoughts that can seem overwhelming until we draw a line and say: this is the choice we are making – and once the decision is made, it is time to move forward. This is how we keep our minds focused on the “bigger picture” and aligned with our
Higher Vision.

This month, everyone at Alford & Hoff is excited to share the news: we have delivered on our commitment to our Higher Vision with the release of our newest fragrance, Alford & Hoff No. 2.  Crafted by world-class perfumer, Rodrigo Flores-Roux of Givaudan, Fragrance No. 2 is an assertively, refreshing, masculine composition with an interplay of unusual watery fruits and citrus tonalities. Just one spray and you’ll be turning heads on the field, in the boardroom, and at all your social functions. Strangers will think, “Wow! That guy smells great! And there is something more about him we just have to know about!” 

So, to celebrate our latest accomplishment, Alford & Hoff is having a special in-store visual at Nordstrom from October 29th through November 4th.  We are also excited to announce our fragrances are coming to new stores in Canada, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Mexico, Ireland; and more retailers in the U.K. You can also find us in Military Exchange stores just in time for pre-holiday shopping!  To find the nearest retailer near you, check out our website here!

I really want to thank everyone who made this possible. Our vendors, our contract manufacturer, our suppliers, and the entire Alford & Hoff Team who saw our Higher Vision and worked very hard to help us achieve an amazing goal with global reach. People are already talking about our newest fragrance because it is very unique and different from anything else, and we are excited to share it with you.

Be sure to stop by our in-store promotion and also follow us on Instagram because that’s where we post new, behind the scenes photos that show how our ideas begin and all the steps we take along the way to get them into your hands. Have you tried
Alford & Hoff No. 2, yet? You can order it here from our online store! 

Alford & Hoff designs fragrances and products for the Athlete in You. The Weekend Warrior. And for the man in your life who recognizes no boundaries or impediments to success.  Together, let us all thrive and achieve our Higher Vision!


- Barry Alford, CEO of Alford & Hoff

Image courtesy of Alford & Hoff


Words To Live By, From Clayton M. Christensen

Pursuing your own Higher Vision is often facilitated when you seek advice from others. Friends, acquaintances, and industry experts can often share information that can help you thrive in everyday life, and help you see things “out of the box” from a different perspective. There is always more than one way to achieve a goal and information is one of the best assets you can have.


I recently read the book, How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen. I found it both inspirational and thought-provoking. The whole book is filled with nuggets of wisdom that are useful to everyone. One chapter in particular is all about marginal thinking, and it really captured my attention. 

The premise is, marginal thinking both personally and professionally can lead you down a road to a destination you would have once considered unthinkable. Clayton opens the chapter with a quote from C.S. Lewis that reads, "The safest road to Hell is the gradual one – the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts.” Clayton also talks about how we all will face a series of small, everyday decisions that rarely seem like they have high stakes attached.  They may seem small but over time, they can play out far more dramatically. In other words, by allowing yourself to say "just this once…" you grant yourself permission to deviate from what you stand for, and how a seemingly infinitesimal transgression can ultimately backfire on you.  
To further illustrate his point, Clayton uses another quote from Henry Ford. "If you need a machine and you don't buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don't have it."  In other words, in order to succeed in business and life, you need to see the bigger picture… the end objective… and you need to be strategic on how you get there. The takeaway is, figure out what you stand for and stand for it 100% of the time, no excuses and no regrets! It isn't always easy, but living with the consequences when you don't is far more detrimental, and can ultimately be more painful.

Want to read the book, too? Here's a link to the book on Amazon!


Images courtesy of and


Health & Fitness: Making New Decisions

Every day I like to carve out some time and give thanks for all the great things happening in my life, whether they come unexpectedly or exactly as I have envisioned. Recently, I find myself thinking about how lucky I am. After years of football and heavy weights, I have felt some back pain these past couple of years but fortunately I have a good friend, Dr. Scott Leary, who is a neurosurgeon in San Diego. Thanks to Scott and his expert care, I have been able to prevent any type of surgery for the foreseeable future. I have, however, learned the importance of making modifications to my daily workout. I am doing fewer squats and heavy lifting these days, and at the same time I consider myself blessed that I can still exercise almost every day.  



To make up for my less-strenuous workouts, I have started focusing on what I eat. As I get older I find diet is essential to keeping my body in shape. I can't eat all the things I used to, so instead I focus on keeping my diet pretty healthy during the week. Of course I do give myself some freedom on Thursdays and Saturdays when college football is on.  :- )  I think it is important to reward yourself with moments of enjoying your favorite foods and for me, an occasional beer and burger with my football is always rewarding. 

One tip I can share is not to have consecutive bad meals! If you had a particularly decadent meal for lunch, keep dinner light and healthy. It gets you back on the right track for the next day, because thankfully… there is a next day!  Also, if you know you’re going to a BBQ on game night at a friend’s house, keep it clean during the week knowing you might indulge later. Plan ahead!

As we get further into our journey, it is always wise to re-evaluate your meals, your exercise habits, and recognize the importance of rewarding yourself for good behavior.  Our Higher Vision and goals may remain steadily the same, but the means of achieving our goals can evolve over time. Being in tune with our bodies and our environment can lead to necessary changes that maintain our focus, and the pursuit of our higher vision.

My Favorite Sport: Football

I was watching the first ASU game of this season and was a bit disappointed at the outcome. But after a while, I thought about last year when Ohio State lost to Virginia Tech, lost two quarterbacks to injuries, and still championed-on to win the National Title. If your team really wants it, it can happen.

I remember the energy and the feeling when I played for ASU, and the year we went to the Rose Bowl. From the first day of practice that summer I could feel the difference. This was a team that wanted it, knew they could get it, and all season fought for it. So this year, let's see if the Sun Devils have it in them. I certainly hope so.


My Thoughts About the USC vs. Arizona State Game

Disappointed is an understatement. I really thought with all the talk this summer, ASU was going to go further and possibly make it to the playoffs. In order for them to even finish the year with a great record, they would need to win every game from here on out – and I just don't know if they have it in them. The game against UCLA will ultimately put the nail in the coffin if they lose. But I am not giving up hope. Come on, Sun Devils. Keep your minds and bodies focused, train hard, commit, and thrive.  


Image courtesy of Alford & Hoff 


Our Higher Vision is Calling!

Keeping your eye focused on your personal, Higher Vision is a necessary habit that is mandatory to achieving goals. Filter out the unneeded information and fixate only on matters that are important. Maintaining Focus is not only useful in business, but in other life goals as well. When you think strategically, you can accomplish any goal. The formula for success includes making a plan, identifying real goals, and remain dedicated. Keep your mind and body tuned to your ultimate goals and before you know it, they become real and everyone gets to help you celebrate your success. 

That is what we are recognizing to be true this month. We are continuing to expand the number of stores carrying our fragrances, and people all over the world love our latest creation, Alford & Hoff No. 2. We invite you to come to our in-store visual at Nordstrom from October 29th to November 4th, and you can find your closest location on our website.

Now, this month… think of ways you can get aligned with the Higher Vision in your own life. What steps can you take to sharpen your focus? What strategic decisions can you make? Feel free to share this Blog with your friends and if you have a comment to share with us, drop us a note on Facebook.  We love hearing from you and we look forward to sharing your great accomplishments.



Image: Alford & Hoff

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Bonus Feature: Three Questions With Alford & Hoff’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kecia Coby!  

Kecia has some really amazing qualities. She is driven by a compassionate desire to succeed. She motivates everyone at Alford & Hoff to remain focused on our goals, and she is able to do so many things well… all at the same time.  When our production line needs attention, she is the first on a plane to make things right. Kecia has a great eye for perfection and is key in keeping our organization growing. She is also a lot of fun to be with, she has an endearing and beautiful smile, and her positive outlook is having a positive effect on the world.  So, to share with you “more insight” about the woman of many talents, I am happy to present our monthly bonus section: Three Questions with Kecia Coby.




Question: Kecia, how do you pray?

Answer: The way I pray is a combination of traditional prayer. You know, "Dear God…" plus a lot of positive affirmations.  I go to sleep every night with good thoughts and wishes in my mind about the world and the people that I care about.  


Question: Kecia, what inspires you?

Answer: Lately, change is what inspires me. The change and evolution of the work that I do. The thought and excitement of changing where I live. Changes in my outlook on life and letting go of material attachments. The change of relationships, children growing up....changes in myself and everyone around me. Change is definitely
inspiring :- )


Question: Kecia, how do you “pay it forward”?

Answer: I am working and raising two children who are productive, good-souled adults who are kind and empowered to give back and help others.  I volunteer my time, I donate money, food, and clothing to those with needs. Lately, I feel like it is not enough and there is more that I can be doing. Though… recognizing the opportunity to grow and keep paying it forward excites me. And I get to channel all this energy into building a global brand that is respected and admired around the world.  Yes, that is exciting!



Words to live by. Words to thrive by. Words we can all admire.
Thanks for sharing with us, Kecia – and thank you for all you do.  
- Barry Alford