Luxury Men's Fragrance and Leather

As athletes, Alford & Hoff founders Barry Alford and Jefferson Hoffman have a deep, first hand understanding of the rewards of peak performance. Recognizing the importance of excellence to today's man, they set out to create an American lifestyle brand that is both distinctive and approachable.

Today Alford & Hoff offers a collection of fine fragrances and leather goods for a generation of men who are considerate, confident, fit, stylish and masculine in a modern way. 

Alford & Hoff | The All-American Lifestyle Brand

Alford & Hoff is one of Flores-Roux’s best scents. Warm and rich, it uses wood as the very lightest of motifs alongside purified, natural-smelling spice. This combination embodies the very essence of wood; a lumberyard, conceptually idealized. Its fusion of spice and timber creates a warm, almost caramel presentation that comes out of the bottle as creamy as finely sanded cherry wood, with the smoothness of a suit made from luxurious tropical wool. It’s masculine, yet eludes clichés: you might save yourself some trouble by getting two bottles when you buy it, because your girlfriend is going to steal one of them. - Chandler Burr