Signature Fragrance (3.4 oz)

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Modern luxurious men's fragrance

Crafted by world-class perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux of Givaudan, Alford & Hoff EDT is for this generation of men: Confident, passionate, stylish, successful, masculine in a modern way, and not afraid to take care of himself.

He wears and buys the best. He has a sense of humor, is competitive, well-rounded, well groomed, athletic and does not compromise.

For this man a scent does not define the man--it is an extension of him.

Topnote: The aromatic power of fresh citrus and intoxicating herbs, immediately sets this fragrance apart.

Midnote: Sweet rum then leads into the core of rare oils and absolutes. A modern new masculinity unfolds into warm addictive vanilla and tonka beans from the world’s most exotic regions.

Drydown: Golden, molten amber poured over weathered leather and soft suede provides a nuzzle factor that only intensifies with time and warmth of skin.

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